Every event has rules to make participation as safe and risk free as possible for everyone, and ours are set out below. Please take a moment to read them for our own safety and well-being.

Please remember that the Wharf2Wharf team is made up of volunteers who give their time freely to making this a fun event.  So if a Course Marshall directs you – thank them with a smile!

  • The courses for the 25K event is tough and hilly. Entrants in 25K event MUST be aged 16 years of age or older.
  • The Matiatia Finish Line will close at 1:15PM. Any participants who have not finished by this time, and remain on the course, will be escorted back to Matiatia by a crew member for their safety and well-being.  No finish time will be  awarded.
  • Entrants in 5K & 12K events aged 16 & under MUST have written permission of their parent or guardian to participate.
  • Children aged 12 & under who enter either  the 5K event or the Treasure Hunt must be accompanied by an adult for the entire course.
  • Competitors are advised that roads on ALL courses are open to normal traffic and they are individually responsible for following traffic laws and the consequences of any breaches of the law.
  • Competitors must stay on the approved course for their event, keep to the left and within coned areas. Marshals’ instructions must be obeyed. Marshals DO NOT have authority to stop any vehicle.
  • WALKERS TO NOTE:  if you enter as a WALKER you may NOT run. Marshals will note ALL walkers who run and you will be disqualified. The Race Director will also consider complaints from other competitors alleging walkers have run part of the course.  If you enter as a runner, you may walk part of the course.
  • For the safety of all competitors, and due to the nature of the terrain, no strollers, dogs or spectators on bikes or on skateboards are allowed to accompany competitors on the courses.
  • For ALL EVENTS – Race numbers MUST be worn on front of singlet (or shorts) and must be clearly visible in order to enter the finish area and the prize draw.
  • If a competitor withdraws during the event it is their responsibility to notify a race marshal.
  • Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is prohibited by any competitor at any time on any race course.
  • The medical team shall have the final authority to remove a competitor from the event.